We are a full-service media production studio with experience in video production, photography, marketing and design within the entertainment industry. We deliver innovative experiences that speaks to our audience through concept-based work focusing on exposition and visual expression.

Dean's Statement

Dr. Sahar Siraj Shabanah

Congratulations to each of you for this great accomplishment, all of your hard work and perseverance have led you to this proud moment. We are confident you have gained the knowledge, skills, and tools that will make your new journeys successful, and fulfilling. Good luck in your future endeavors, I am sure you will achieve everything you work towards.

Dean, Hekma School of Engineering Computing and Informatics & Hekma School of Design and Architecture Dr. Sahar Siraj Shabanah

Department Chair Statement

Dr. Samar Altarteer

The aim of the Visual Communication Department at Dar AlHekma University is to graduate women who contribute to the field of visual communication, express positive values, and are capable of advancing themselves academically and professionally. There is nothing more rewarding for us than seeing our graduates become leaders in the industry and contributors to the visual design field.

On behalf of the Dar AlHekma Visual Communication Department team, it gives us great pleasure to showcase 31 graduate projects in graphic design and motion graphics.

For our beloved graduates, our ambassadors, congratulations - we are proud of you! We are sure you will continue the legacy as you start your new journey and we wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our passionate faculty and staff for their amazing efforts and dedication. For our visitors, we welcome you to the exhibition of the class of 2022 and thank you for celebrating this achievement with us.

A special thank you goes to all our partners, who have supported us greatly in making this an unforgettable day for our graduates, students, and visitors. Thank you.

Student's Representative Statement

Sumayah Alsahtoot

I believe that every person if encouraged and found the right opportunity, will be able to innovate and offer something. Therefore, I aim to contribute towards making our department’s environment ideal to serve this purpose. I aspire to be the clear voice that represents students of the department, their needs, opinions, and aspirations.

Graduate Statement

Aseel Sabbagh

They say life is about decisions, and I believe choosing to study in the Visual Communications department at Dar Al Hekma was the best decision we the graduates of the class of 2022 ever took. Looking back to our first day and witnessing the changes and growth in each of us, assured me that these four years are the best years of our lives so far. The stories, struggles and all our ups and downs has shaped our personalities and made us who we are, and we couldn’t be more proud of how we turned out.

We are now going our separate ways, walking forward from a significant chapter in our lives, with the best friendships formed, great experiences from our amazing instructors and joyful memories that are carved into our souls. After all the assignments, projects and lots and lots of submissions we can finally say…. we did it!

Department Mission

graduate women who contribute to the field of visual communication, express positive values and advance themselves in education and the professional field.

Department Team Members

  • Dr. Samar Altarteer / Chair, Assistant Professor
  • Prof. Antoine Abi Aad / Associate Professor
  • Dr. Tasneem Kabli / Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Ayhan Niyaz / Lecturer
  • Ms. Ola Nassif / Lecturer
  • Ms. Rasha Alamoudi / Lecturer
  • Ms. Somayah AlSowayigh / Lecturer

Exhibition Team Members

  • Dr. Samar Altarteer
  • Ms. Ola Nassif
  • Ms. Loujain Alzahrani
  • Ms. Rasha Alamoudi
  • Ms. Areej Nagoor
  • Ms. Sara Saber
  • Ms. Somayah AlSowayigh

Platinum Partners

Bronze Partners