Al Tamayuz company, leaders in the printing and packaging industry. Its founded by
Mohamed Rajab in 1986, a self-made entrepreneur. Rajab learnt the industry at a very young age in Cairo, he started as a skilled worker that helped his career a lot in terms of know how and technicalities. This knowledge and experience is the main reason Al Tamayuz now is one of the most important printing and packaging manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially when it comes to quality and sophistication. Al Tamayuz provides various sophisticated, and high quality products as stationary, advertisement materials, agendas, books, and paper board, and cardboard packaging. Al Tamayuz nowadays are getting bigger market share due to recent enhancements in terms efficiency by introducing science and technology through digitalization and data analysis. Al Tamayuz are highly concerned with sustainability and community matters, and started to take initiatives that will definitely grow as the company grows as its a goal to reach
aside of profitability.